Mercantile Gatherings Announces a New Name and a New Beginning in 2018 …

The heart and soul of Mercantile Gatherings, wrapped up in a *New* Package …

Introducing COUNTRY RUSTIC MAGAZINE published in Spring 2018!!!


We offer several different options for Subscribing, and invite you to join us!

Subscribe &/or Renew
New Subscriptions and/or Subscription Renewals

Priority Subscription
Subscription shipped by USPS 1st Class Mail as of the Release Date of each Issue.

Seasonal Subscription
Subscription allowing for two different addresses, with you designating which address receives which Issue, for those folks who relocate seasonally.

Special Subscription
Subscription which includes five (5) magazines instead of four magazines.

Gift Subscription
Give a Subscription as a Gift.


Please Note: All current Subscriptions to Mercantile Gatherings will automatically transfer over to COUNTRY RUSTIC MAGAZINE, and all *New* Subscriptions as of Spring 2018, will be recorded as COUNTRY RUSTIC MAGAZINE Subscriptions.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to drop us a note by email through our “Contact Us” page.

Thank you for your loyal readership.

DJ Williams


Please note:  If you are not able to obtain information regarding your subscription, please email us or feel free to use our live chat. Thank you!