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  • Linda from Mays Landing, NJ

    Comment: Country Rustic has become my favorite magazine!!!! I look forward to it coming and I have started collecting the older magazines also!! Just love it keep it coming!!!

  • Judy from Salem, WI

    Comment: I love your magazine! I only have gotten my first issue, but I’m in love with seeing all the primitives again. I had to sell so many when I downsized my home, but there they are in full color for me to see in your magazine. Thank you so much! I hope someday you’ll be doing more than four issues per year.

  • Pauline from Hillsboro, Mo

    Comment: I love the country Rustic Magazine. I have received every issue, going back to the very first Mercantile gathering. I keep all the issues in a book case and for every season I pull those issues out to read and look at the pictures for decorating inspiration. Thank you for a great magazine! ❤️❤️

  • Jill from Danvers, MA

    Comment: I absolutely LOVE this magazine I look forward to every issue and savor every article they are so well done and the photos are fantastic! Keep up the great work!

  • Delores from Nokomis, FL

    Comment: Your magazine is awesome. Just love everything about it. The Home Tours, recipes, decorating ideas and all the various advertisers and their websites are all great. Very happy I found your magazine. Only wish there were more than 4 issues a year.

  • Kaitie from Grand Island, NY

    Comment: I just finished reading through the Winter 2021 edition, and feel so inspired! From the Christmas tablescapes to the delicious recipes, this magazine has it all!

  • I love your winter issue.

    I love your winter issue. But then I love all your issues. I enjoy reading Dru Duncan’s stories along with the others and seeing pictures of their homes. So many ideas. I also look forward to the Country Farm Home stories on my tablet from Dru. Your magazine is the best and takes me away from the way the world is today. Just grab a cup of hot tea and enjoy the articles.

    Fredericksburg, VA

  • Carol from Salisbury, NC

    Comment: I have been receiving this magazine since 2018 and can’t get enough! Pictures are so well done, you can actually tell what the rooms really look like, not just a snippet of an area. Great ideas, lovely homes are all featured. I would highly recommend to anyone who loves country, primitive decor. Thank you for a wonderful magazine.

  • Joyce from Harpers Ferry, WV

    Comment: I found my first copy at the grocery store and could hardly wait to get home to look at it. I enjoyed it so much that I immediately subscribed to it to make sure that I don’t miss any copies. I totally enjoy this magazine and look forward to every issue. Thanks for a job well done.

  • Jane from Aiken, SC

    Comment: I love this magazine. I’d seen it at Books-a-Million but, because my taste isn’t country rustic, I hadn’t paid much attention to it. Then I saw the Fall issue one year and loved the cover. I paged through it and came to a house that looked similar to those near where I grew up and decided to buy it. I’m retired and get a lot of magazines. I had never seen one like yours. I loved it and subscribed immediately and ordered about 10 back issues.

  • Shelley from PALM COAST, FL

    Comment: I love the house tours and the recipes! I can’t wait to see the Winter issue.
    Highly recommend this magazine to anyone who loves country/primitive decorating.

  • Jo-Ann from West Springfield, MA

    Comment: I saw this striking magazine cover while shopping in Michael’s craft store. I was automatically hooked and had to have it! I love, love, love everything about this magazine, especially the house tours and recipes! I am a true primitive girl and love everything, rustic and old and country. Can’t wait to get my hands on the Christmas issue. Thanks for the pure entertainment 🎃

  • CHARLENE from Youngstown, OH


  • Lin from SIOUX CITY, IA

    Comment: Your lovely magazine (mini monthly book!) has always been my “comfort” read and even more so in the past year! I find such peacefulness in every issue and I read a bit every evening. Any ads featured are part of the primitive/country charm! I’m grateful for all of you and for sharing your passions with us every month. Heartfelt thank you!!

    [Note: Country Rustic Magazine is published seasonally, 4 times per year.]

  • Darlene from Winchendon, MA

    Comment: This is going to echo much of what has already been said, but like most, I LOVE this magazine and cannot wait to find a quiet spot to retreat from this hectic world for a time and read thru the issue. Every issue is very inspirational for me and I get many decorating ideas. I just renewed my subscription and CANNOT wait to get the Fall issue. Very exciting!!!

  • Dee from Bedford, IN

    Comment: I love your magazine, even since was Mercantile Gatherings too! I’m partial to antiques and primitives, but enjoy looking at the farmhouse and other decorating looks too. I’m not sure I could think of anything to add, since it’s so nice now, unless more remodel ideas, tips, or how-to’s on changing more modern homes to look old inside and out.

  • I just love this magazine so much.

    I just love this magazine so much. I love the homey feel every time I read the articles and enjoy all the pictures. I always make sure I have my hot tea in hand and no distractions then I sit down and literally fall into the articles. Thank you for such a great magazine, I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time!!! I found it!! Shellie from St. Peters, Missouri

  • Betty from Dunnellon, Florida

    Comment: I get so excited when I open my mailbox and see my Country Rustic magizine in it.
    I just love the stories and how everyone has decorated their homes. I will sit in my rocking chair on my front porch and just picture myself in those places.
    It is such a relaxing magazine to read. And I have to put in that not only is the magazine great but the staff behind it are amazing as well. They are the nicest people that I have ever dealt with. They fill my heart with such kindness. Thank you to everyone ❤

  • Cindy from Douglas, MA

    Comment: I love your magazine, it has so many great ideas! The company is on top of any issues that arise and they respond very quickly.

  • Lynn from Stephentown, New York

    Comment: I love this magazine. It’s so much fun! I just love to see all the decor and different decorating styles that everyone has. I keep my issues and occasionally will look back thru my older ones. I am greatly anticipating the new winter 2020 magazine. The holidays are my favorite ones. I am very excited that my home will be featured in next year’s winter issue and have been busy preparing my house for the photo shoot. Y’all be sure to look for me next year! And enjoy your CRM all next year!

  • Kandee from South Holland, IL

    Comment: I have had a subscription to this magazine for about a year now. I have a lot of different magazines that I have subscriptions for. But I have to say, this is one of my FAVORITES!! I love all the articles, the ideas, the recipes, the pictures and even the feel of the magazine! Thank you for all the hard work you put into it to make such a pleasure to read!!

  • Linda from Rochester, NY

    Comment: I AM so happy I found this magazine. I love everything about it. The pictures, articles, and stories. I look forward to each issue. Thank you !!

  • Joni from Norris City, Illinois

    Comment: All of your issues are great, but I really liked the Fall 2020 issue. Thanks so much and blessings to you all !! Joni

  • Carolyn from Rensselaer, IN

    Comment: Love your magazine. It is so well displayed in the pictures. I have a lot of antiques and cherish them all. I look forward to all your issues. Keep up the good work.


  • Kimberlee from Tremont, IL

    Comment: The Fall 2020 issue is amazingly wonderful. Thank you for putting out a magazine geared toward my passion of all things antique, primitive, and in this particular case…fall, my favorite time of year! And I’m so excited about the mug swap again! This will be my third year participating.

  • Dee from Bedford, IN

    Comment: I love all the antique and primitive decor photos and how to display differently. The farmhouse looks are nice too. So much to look at and read about, and even dream about, makes for a relaxing time to look through this beautiful magazine.

  • Cindy from Southampton, Ma

    Comment: I enjoy looking at the pictures, reading the articles, and the craft activities! There isn’t anything I dislike about your magazine!👍😊

  • Christina from Bucyrus, Ohio

    Comment: I Love the magazine, get decoration ideas and more.

  • Kimberley from Perrysburg, N.Y

    Comment: I look forward to the yearly mug swap the most and look forward to the fall magazine.

  • Linda from Cayuga, In.

    Comment: I enjoy seeing the beautifully decorated primitive homes. Their collections and how they display them.

  • Irene from fredericksburg, VA

    Comment: I love your magazine. The photographs are beautiful. I look forward to every issue and have tried some of the recipes. Every issue is great.

  • Patricia from Newfane, New York

    Comment: I received the Fall issue today and am currently trying to "pace" myself looking through it. I am enjoying all of the homes decorated in primitive furnishings. Our home is filled with many primitive items and I treasure them all. I like the memory of how we acquired each piece. Your magazine has so many wonderful ideas for seasonal decorating; I enjoy them all.

  • Winnie from Gainesville, Florida

    Comment: When I found Mercantile Magazine and then Country Rustic Magazine, it was happiness and excitement! Finally, a magazine with stories and photos of primitive homes and articles from wonderful everyday people who have turned their passion of historical history into homes and lifestyles that created these extraordinary examples. I also enjoy all of the articles dedicated on how to make antique reproductions, wonderful recipes and examples of cooking in the past, and stories and articles of pieces of life now gone.

  • Tracey from Zelienople, PA

    Comment: I absolutely love this magazine. The customer service is also top notch! They truly care about us as people. It is not just an awesome magazine. It is the people behind the magazine also. I can assure you that you will not be disappointed with your subscription.

  • Michelle from Fishers, IN

    Comment: Thank you very much to DJ Williams. Had a hard time “saving” my e-magazine and she was able to help! Quick and awesome customer service!
    Thank you

  • Debby from Oneida, New York

    Comment: Thank you so much for doing the online summer 2020 issue! You did an amazing job and very much enjoyed it, especially the tobacco stick ideas, awesome summer tomato ideas and summer decorating ideas. Please stay safe and healthy during these challenging times. Great job!

  • Belinda from Jonesboro, AR

    Comment: So my husband and I love the primitive, rustic style decor. He surprised me one day by bringing home this new magazine called COUNTRY RUSTIC. I am proud to say….I am hooked on this magazine. I absolutely love the intriguing, descriptive writing of each featured home, its decor, and every idea mentioned. Subscription is a MUST!!!

  • Jude from Allons, Tennessee

    Comment: Just wanted to let you know how much I love your magazine! I have been a subscriber for many years. I have gotten so many ideas from you. And, I received the beautiful notecards I ordered this afternoon along with a nice note from DJ and calendar. Thank you so much! I gave your notecards to several friends for Christmas and they loved them. So glad I found you all those years ago.

  • Debby from Oneida, New York

    Comment: I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoy and love vet your magazine. After 22 surgeries, allergic to all pain medication and being disabled, my favorite way to take my mind off pain is reading your magazine over and over and lighting a favorite candle. The Christmas issue is absolutely amazing! Thanks so much for the great job you all do.

  • Candace from Oquawka, Illinois

    Comment: Found your magazine at Barnes and Nobles bookstore. Fell in love immediately with your fall issue and have subscribed for 2020. You give me wonderful ideas for my own home. Country and antiques is what we love. Thank you for making a great magazine.

  • Deborah from Manchester, NJ

    Comment: What do i Love about Country Rustic Magazine, EVERYTHING. As I look through each page I imagine myself in each scene. Each page is better then the next and it gives me a warm feeling inside. I have told my family and friends this is a must have.

  • Susan from Toledo, Ohio

    Comment: I just wanted to write a note to say how much I enjoy your magazine! I have all but three issues of Mercantile Gatherings (looking for those elusive issues that I don’t have!) and I have all of the Country Rustic issues. I look at them each season, over and over. I have been reading country-style magazines for over 30 years, and one of the things I love about your magazine is that it is inspiring but also do-able! Thank you for continuing to publish a terrific magazine!

  • Suzanne from Paris, Ky

    Comment: Your magazine is a welcome respite in my very busy world! I look forward to every issue and I also even love your advertisers! You all speak my language!

  • Dee from Bedford, IN

    Comment: I love Country Rustic magazine, also when it was Mercantile Gatherings. There are so many beautiful homes, some very period-style, that are featured, along with interesting info on a variety of topics. I collect antiques and prefer early to primitive decorating, but the farmhouse and others are intriguing as well. I like how you can take us back in time through the beautiful photos(I can get lost in dreamland!). Keep up the good work! Win or not, I look forward to finding the newest issue soon!

  • Cilla from Tillamook, OR

    I just wanted to say how your wonderful little magazine feeds my passion for primitives!  There are ideas and inspirations galore-thanks!

  • Bridgette from Dubois, IN

    Comment: I love the inspiration and beautiful photography.

  • Bridgette from Dubois, IN

    Comment: thanks for the chance to win, I love your magazine and inspiration!

  • CINDY from Russellville, KY

    Comment: Absolutely LOVE this magazine! I get so excited when I know a new issue is coming 🙂 Customer service is the best; always prompt to answer your questions and so kind to satisfy and make customers happy! I highly recommend getting a subscription you will definitely enjoy!

  • cynthia a from rushsylvania, oh

    Comment: Wow, just got my first issue. Made a cup of coffee and enjoyed meeting a new friend. Your magazine is truly inspiring. Lovely to look at. And a great guide for those remodeling. Looking forward to the next issue.

  • Joanne from Terre Haute, Indiana

    Comment: My Winter 2018 Country Rustic magazine arrived in my mailbox yesterday and it is fantastic! We will enjoy looking at every page today in our warm home while escaping our latest winter weather.

  • Jackie from Carlyle, Il

    Comment: I would love to get this magazine. It looks like I’d really enjoy reading it.

  • Celina from Pine Bush, NY

    Comment: Looks like a great magazine!

  • Denice from Waynesburg, PA

    Comment: Would love to get these. First time being introduced. Primitive is amazing

  • Patti from Missoula, MT

    Comment: Country rustic…just my style! Can’t wait to enjoy the new publication.

  • Teri from Whitewater, WI

    Comment: I love primitive decorating. Would love to see your magazine for ideas and inspiration.

  • Kathy from Hanover, PA

    Comment: I have enjoyed reading Mercantile Gatherings and I’m looking forward to checking out your new magazine format in the Country Rustic magazine. The table of contents seems to have a variety of features. I enjoy the home tours seeing how others have decorated and displayed items.

  • Bernadette from Dunnellon, Florida (FL)

    Comment: Love the look of new issue, looking forward to new ideas and inspiration.

  • Kimberly from Lakeland, FL

    Comment: Would love to win this, so I can show my friends another magazine they need to order!

  • Lynda from Ottsville, PA

    Comment: Can’t wait to see the first issue…looks amazing!

  • Debbie from Salinas, California

    Comment: I love your magazine ! Its so hard to find magazines for the prim lovers , Will continue to subscribe. P.S. THANKS FOR THE CANDLES LOVE THEM

  • Jody from Oshkosh, WI

    Comment: I received my beautiful calendar, with a wonderful note card and a tea bag came today and I am just amazed at how prompt you are with sending things out. I am so happy to be a subscriber to Country Rustic Magazine and I love all the other things that you offer! Thank you so much! There’s a big grateful heart for Country Rustic Magazine in Oshkosh, Wisconsin!

  • Sally from Camp Hill, Pa

    Comment: Great magazine. Love everything! Fun contests!

  • Darcy from Monessen, PA

    Comment: I love your magazine! It’s packed with beautiful pictures and lovely articles. I love reading it from cover to cover!

  • Sally from Lancaster, PA

    Comment: I absolutely LOVE your magazine!! Thank you so much!

  • Connie from Auburndale, Florida

    Comment: I bought your original titled magazine for almost every year it was printed from the first issue. Loved every one and would love to win a free subscription of your new titled Magazine. Happy to hear it will be sold in regular retail stores, The gift shops in Florida are not close to me. Thanks and good luck.

  • Luanne from Manchester, IA

    Comment: Love this magazine! Awesome prim home tours. I read every page and get so many neat ideas. I have found a lot of nice shops to buy from as well.

  • Dee from Bedford, IN

    Comment: I love looking through your beautiful new magazine(loved your previous magazine,too). I’ve only gotten the Summer issue, so far, but there are so many wonderful ideas from many beautiful homes(early/prim. is my fav.) and I enjoy reading the interesting articles. I usually learn something new about an old item. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  • Amanda from Magnolia, Illinois

    Comment: I absolutely love your magazine DJ Williams!!! Such beautiful and colorful pictures that inspire us all!!!😍 I hope the mug ☕️ Buddies exchange continues this year!!!

  • Amy from Biglerville, Pa

    Comment: I’m so excited for the news stand release! With redoing a 105 year old farm house this should give me plenty of ideas. Thank you!

  • Dawn from Branchville, NJ

    Comment: The fall cover looks awesome! Thank you for putting out such a great magazine. Any other “country” magazine out there is chock full of ads and what not. Yours is the best magazine cover to cover.

  • Linda from Toms River, NJ

    Comment: Hi DJ,
    Just received the Fall Issue of Country Rustic magazine and I think this is the best issue yet. I love it! These homes are everything I love about primitive. It’s wonderful. Thank you so much!

  • Dawn from Bridgeville, DE

    Comment: I wanted to say THANK YOU, for putting out such a beautiful magazine. The pictures and features are fantastic. I am even impressed with the quality of the paper used to print the magazine. I’ve received 2 issues and absolutely LOVE them!! Keep up the great work!! I love recipes and craft ideas also!!