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  • Darcy from Monessen, PA

    Comment: I love your magazine! It’s packed with beautiful pictures and lovely articles. I love reading it from cover to cover!

  • Sally from Lancaster, PA

    Comment: I absolutely LOVE your magazine!! Thank you so much!

  • Connie from Auburndale, Florida

    Comment: I bought your original titled magazine for almost every year it was printed from the first issue. Loved every one and would love to win a free subscription of your new titled Magazine. Happy to hear it will be sold in regular retail stores, The gift shops in Florida are not close to me. Thanks and good luck.

  • Luanne from Manchester, IA

    Comment: Love this magazine! Awesome prim home tours. I read every page and get so many neat ideas. I have found a lot of nice shops to buy from as well.

  • Dee from Bedford, IN

    Comment: I love looking through your beautiful new magazine(loved your previous magazine,too). I’ve only gotten the Summer issue, so far, but there are so many wonderful ideas from many beautiful homes(early/prim. is my fav.) and I enjoy reading the interesting articles. I usually learn something new about an old item. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  • Amanda from Magnolia, Illinois

    Comment: I absolutely love your magazine DJ Williams!!! Such beautiful and colorful pictures that inspire us all!!!😍 I hope the mug ☕️ Buddies exchange continues this year!!!

  • Amy from Biglerville, Pa

    Comment: I’m so excited for the news stand release! With redoing a 105 year old farm house this should give me plenty of ideas. Thank you!

  • Dawn from Branchville, NJ

    Comment: The fall cover looks awesome! Thank you for putting out such a great magazine. Any other “country” magazine out there is chock full of ads and what not. Yours is the best magazine cover to cover.

  • Linda from Toms River, NJ

    Comment: Hi DJ,
    Just received the Fall Issue of Country Rustic magazine and I think this is the best issue yet. I love it! These homes are everything I love about primitive. It’s wonderful. Thank you so much!

  • Dawn from Bridgeville, DE

    Comment: I wanted to say THANK YOU, for putting out such a beautiful magazine. The pictures and features are fantastic. I am even impressed with the quality of the paper used to print the magazine. I’ve received 2 issues and absolutely LOVE them!! Keep up the great work!! I love recipes and craft ideas also!!