The Primitive Traveler 2017-2018

The Primitive Traveler 2017-2018 Edition – Wholesale

The Primitive Traveler’s Journey Continues again in our 2017-2018 Edition, as we bring you the best Primitive Country and Antique Shops and Shows across the USA and a *NEW* Listing of over 300 Antique and Primitive Shows!

Wholesale minimum quantity is ten (10) Magazines; but we also offer a five (5) Magazine Wholesale option for smaller Stores/Shops as well. Available in the United States Only.

Wholesale pricing is Seven Dollars ($7.00) per Magazine. For a small Store/Shop that’s just $35.00 and for a medium or larger Store/Shop the price would be $70.00 plus shipping.

Wholesale orders are shipped via Priority Mail with email tracking. Shipping prices are determined by the quantity of your order.

Shipping Chart Summary
Quantity 5 = $6.50 Shipping
Quantity 10 up to and including 30 Magazines = $8.85 Shipping
Quantity 31 up to and including 60 Magazines = $17.70 Shipping
Quantity 61 up to and including 90 Magazines = $26.55 Shipping
Quantity 90 up to and including 120 Magazines = $35.40 Shipping

 **Please Email your Sales Tax Identification number to us after placing your order, if not already on file with us. Thank you!

Price: $35.00$700.00


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