LIMITED Edition Redware Heart Ornament

Country Rustic Redware Heart Ornament

Redware Ornament with Heart Shape Slip-Trailed décor. Each limited edition, hand-made piece is numbered and marked with the initials CRM for “Country Rustic Magazine”, the maker’s name, Robesonia Redware, as well as the year of creation on the back.

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[Sold separately, a First Edition Handmade Collectible Redware 10″ Plate; Slip-Trailed design with “Heart Shape and squiggles.” Please CLICK HERE to purchase our Redware Plate.]

Ornament Price $19.95 plus $5.50 USPS Priority Mail Shipping

TOTAL PRICE ~ $25.45 (inclusive of shipping)

**Please Note: Quantities are Extremely Limited.**

Please note: All orders are non-refundable.

Price: $25.45

Plus $5.05 USPS Priority Mail Shipping