Mug Swap 2018

Welcome to the Mercantile Gatherings 2018 MUG Swap!

By Popular Request, Mercantile Gatherings is hosting our 3rd Annual Mercantile MUG SWAP!!!

Here’s how it works…

Signups are NOW thru September 30th, 2018, by EMAIL, snail mail, via our website, or voice mail message with the requested information. All participants will exchange or swap Mugs – hence “MUG SWAP” LOL! On Monday, October 1st, each Mug Swap participant will receive an email providing their assigned Mug Swap Partner information. This year instead of “random partners”, we will be choosing “exact partners”, so whomever you are giving a Gift Mug to will be the same person chosen to give you a Gift Mug.  Each Mug Swap participant must send their Mug to their assigned Mug Swap partner within 2 weeks, so that all Mug Swap participants have their Mugs by 10/15/18. Most of our participants fill their Mugs with goodies, such as tea bags, coffee, candy, chocolates, cookies, bon bons, etc., and we invite you all to decorate and spruce up your gift Mug any way you like : )

Photos of your Mugs (whether received or gifted) are most WELCOME and may be posted on our Facebook Page and/or website.  Mug Swap updates will be posted on our Facebook Page and in a Newsletter with reminders and details. Please feel free to SPREAD THE WORD about our Mug Swap by sharing on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; tell your friends and family. The more Mugs; the merrier!




Your Name, Mailing Address, Phone Number and Email Address.

This is a wonderful way to make a new friend, and so many of the folks who have been participating for the last few years have told us how much they love this friend-finding activity and what a joy it is to receive a small gift from a new friend; we hope you will consider joining us this year!

For those of you interested in purchasing one of our Mugs for your Swap, here’s a quick link to each of our Collectible Stoneware Mugs below. We do have a surprise in store which we will be announcing in early September about a 2019 MUG, so stay tuned!!!

MG’s 2016 Collectible Stoneware Mug

MG’s 2017 Collectible Stoneware Mug

Enjoy & Merry Mug Swapping!